kit: Grandma's Junk Drawer by Wendy Tunison

Journaling: My darling Baby Girl. You are growing up so quickly. This was the first day that you took your bicycle for a ride. You wanted to peddle all the way to the park after a few pouts, an in-depth conversation, we agreed to go behind the house to the empty roads of the housing being built behind us. It was almost sunset perfect 92 degree temperature. You loved every moment of it.
I was taking pictures of you left and right, because I did not want to miss a moment of me being a proud mommy. When we got home, I started looking at the pictures I had taken because I had to make a layout for you right away.. The facial expression sums of the event. You were so happy and thrilled. I came across this picture and thought it is unique.
Unique indeed, this picture is when you are coming down the
hill on our way home. You were going so fast I was
scared you told me I am good I wanna go faster.
Mommy is going to have a hard attack because I am worried you are going to fall down if you keep going faster, so I tell you hit your brakes took this picture, you tell me what brakes, you start turning your bars left and right and mommy just knows you are going to fall so I stop walking. Just before you bump into me and I grab your bars you hit your brake. I told you you have to be more careful. You looked at me and started laughing and tell me that you would have been okay because
you had a helmet that would protect
your hear.
The joy of your wisdom. I am
sure that riding your bicycle you
will adventually have bumps
and bruises but I am grateful it
was not on day One of riding your
bicycle but I know that it is okay because
your helmet will protect you.
I love you Baby Girl.
Thank you for all the memories
every moment I share with you.
Is a moment that I cherish because
they each are reminding mommy that
you are no longer a Baby Girl but
a Little Girl but like I tell you everyday
no matter how big you are that you are
always going to be my Baby Girl.
When we were coming home, you told me you wanted to take a shortcut. I was asking you what short cut you laugh and tell me this way. You go on the curb on the other side of the street so you can delay getting to the house for a few minutes but this was your “short-cut”. I love your thinking you are so logical. I see you got your “shortcuts” from your dad. The two of you say we are taking a short cut but we are doing is taking a “Long Cut” LOL