July Font Challenge hosted by Ivonne from Craft-tastrophic Designs.

I liked the font so much I made a second page. Smile

Journaling says...
A month ago my hubby and I were out weeding in the backyard and I found a tall weed in one of my gardens. At the time it was about 18-in high. It was really prickly and I have bad allergies to some plants so I asked my hubby to pull it. He didn't want to. He said, 'Let's leave it and see how big it gets. I did NOT want to let it grow, but he was insistent, and The Battle of The Bull Thistle began. The thing kept growing and growing, and I reminded my hubby a few times to go and pull it. But the taller it got the more he wanted to leave it alone. Ugh. A Bull Thistle (Cirsium vulgare) is a prickly wildflower which most people consider an annoying weed. Its stems, branches, and leaves are covered with spikes and you should be careful when touching it. They develop pretty purple flowers, but the plant can reach six feet tall. It did. My hubby is 6-foot 2-inches and it grew taller than him. I FINALLY got him to dig it out today!!!
July 7, 2013.

Font: Alamendro FG
Kits: 'The Storyteller' (Pixelily Designs)
and 'The View' (GingerScraps Hop).
No template. It just evolved based on the shapes of my photos.
I made the round thistle paper piece in the middle. Scanned an old souvenir plate from Scotland.
Pics taken today ... hubby's idea, hahaha.