Since we eloped I felt it was totally inappropriate to register for gifts. We didn’t want gifts. My Grandma finally talked me into it. (put her foot down and told me I had to) When David and I registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond the last thing I scanned was a box of Mike and Ikes because I wanted something very inexpensive on the list. I was really touched at our reception. We received quite a few gifts after the party, but we got lots of Mike and Ikes from everyone playing along with my joke.

Credits: For Us by Pretty In Green


We got married right before Christmas and a few unexpected cards and gifts came in the mail after our announcements were sent out. We registered just before our reception in July (at Grandma’s insistence) and boxes in the mail followed the reception!

The pricey coffee maker that David said to go ahead and add but I never expected anyone would give us.

The New Canaan Patches and Kay spoiled us with the Calphalon skillet and bedding we listed. We figured if we’d use the same bed, at least a new comforter would say “newly married.”

I added the Mike and Ikes to our wedding registry because it was my little protest about doing a registry. The theater size boxes are relatively inexpensive and well, I like Mike and Ikes. For a couple months I kept on mentioning “don’t feel obligated to bring a gift, but if you do, Mike and Ikes are on the registry, just come celebrate with us.” I think every friend and relative who came in from the East and Michigan stopped at a truck stop on the way in and picked up Mike and Ikes for each member of their group. It made an awesome edible centerpiece on the dining room table in the new vase some of those boxes came in!