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It’s not what you think it is!

Unless you’re a cat. Then it IS what you think it is, now get off the table!

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This was a very cool craft opportunity for the girls and me. We have loved doing crafts together all of their lives and this one was for the good of homeless animals.

To make a Happy Sock, you need an old sock, a lot were donated for the project, fiberfill and catnip. Grab a bunch of catnip with a handful of fiberfill and stuff it into the sock. Then tie off the end. Voila; cat toy!

We had fun with the other participants making tons of Happy Socks to be donated to cat shelters. We have a local cats-only no-kill shelter that David and I wanted to check out, so we brought a bag of 100 Happy Socks home with us to take top the shelter for the cats there.