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I am really grateful my brother was able to help me financially so that I could put gas in my car and go food shopping.
I’m also grateful Bob was able to run errands with me, carrying Peanut and all of the groceries up to my 2nd floor
apartment! These aresome of the things I can no longer do.
Bob was so happy to be wearing his new tie-dye shirt. He gets excited over the littlest things! He's like a kid in a lot of ways.
Bob came here on Monday, July 1, 2013 and stayed all week. Mostly, he supported me throughdifficult medical issues and reactions. He tried to help by washing dishes, but he really doesn't washthem well, it's more like he just rinses it's just another job for me to remove dirty dishes from the cabinet that is soaked with water because he doesn't dry the dishes either. Ugh! We bickered over that and a few other habits I can't tolerate!
Bob and I did not do a whole lot...he made some important calls for me, we watched tv and some movies, mostly we just kept each other company! My Dad says we're like an old married couple because we bicker. Too many days in the house is sure to bring this on! After, though, we make fun of each other!