Font Challenge hosted by Connie.

My hubby and my brother pitching horseshoes last weekend. There are three photos with a horseshoe in the air. That's real, not added, lol. I videoed them playing then took screen shots from the video.

Journaling says:
When the guys play they follow the Official Rules Governing The Sport Of Horseshoe Pitching. The game is broken down into ends. Each end consists of four pitched shoes, two by each contestant. You get points based on how the tossed horseshoe lands.
A RINGER = 3 points
A SHOE IN = 1 point
A LEANER = 1 point
A SHOE OUT = zero
A ringer of one contestant cancels out a ringer of the other contestant and those shoes do not score any points. The first contestant to reach (or exceed) 40 points is the winner.

Kits used: mostly 'Grandma's Junk Drawer' (Wendy Tunison Designs), with a few elements (horseshow, ticket, tag and chicken wire) from '8 Second Ride' (Wendy Tunison Designs), and 2 twisted paper frames from 'Little Man' (Wendy Tunison Designs).
Font for journaling and tag: Sancreek
Font for title: Pauls Ransom Note