Digital Kit - Here Without You - Krystal Hartley
Font - DJB Jennifer - Darcy Baldwin
Template - Bytesize Set 2 - Seatrout Scraps

This was a scrap therapy page where the journaling is what I could say to my husband at this time if I could see him.

Journaling reads:
Ten years. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday and it's hard for me to believe 10 years have come and gone. At other times it seems like it's been a lifetime. So many things have happened in 10 years and so many things I wish you had been here to see and share. You were my soul mate. I think I've loved you since I was in the 4th grade. I talk to you often and like to think that you can hear me and that you can see Christopher and Cheyanne and how much they've grown in 10 years. Christopher is living his dream and followed in our footsteps by marrying his high school sweetheart. They are expecting their 2nd child right around your birthday this coming August. Of course that's also the week of Cheyanne's birthday, so she's hoping it's born on her birthday. Our granddaughter Lily is such a hoot - she's incredibly smart and such an independent little thing; you really would get a kick out of her. Cheyanne is what makes me realize so much time has passed. You never really knew her as she was only 2 when you were taken from us. I have such a hard time believing that she will be 13 in August and going into 8th grade. This is what makes me wonder where time has gone. She looks exactly like me, but she is soooo you! She is more a mini Chris than Christopher ever was. She has your drive and determination. She has your completely natural athletic ability and excels in just about anything she tries. She also has your empathy for the underdog and is always defending those who are picked on or less fortunate. She is fiercely loyal, which she gets from us both. I look forward to seeing what path life takes her down. As for me, even though I have missed you every day for the past 10 years, time has eased the pain and I remember the good things and happy times. I will always miss you and life does go on and Christopher and Cheyanne have made my life full and rewarding. Sometimes I wonder what our lives would have been like if you hadn’t been a Marine and you were still here with us, but then I realize that you were a Marine through and through and that's okay. I wouldn't have loved you if you weren't who you were. You believed deeply in love of country and I will always be proud of who you were and what you believed in. I try to honor you every day and keep your memory alive for our children.