August Mini Kit Challenge hosted by Jen.

Top journaling:
My brother has a 40-acre country property. He has a strong sense of stewardship for the land, and has worked hard all his life for the protection of the environment and wildlife. He added a huge pond and his property is officially a designated as Woodlots and Wetlands area, approved by the Minister of Natural Resources.

Bottom journaling:
We love spending time out here. It is so peaceful and the only sounds you hear are the birds, crickets and bullfrogs.

I ran out of room for the text, lol. The lower right photo is a close up of the turtle rest area in the pond. There's a little ramp for the turtles to climb up and sun themselves. In the pic there's a painted turtle on the platform, but it's hard to see. My brother has dozens and dozens of bird-feeders that he fills daily. They get some beautiful birds that spend the summers, and a few who stay all winter.

Kit: 'Slow and Easy' (Pixels by Jen),
plus 'Slow and Easy Flairs' (Pixels by Jen)
No template. I just stuck things here and there until it felt right.