This was for a blog challenge. We had to use a 2-page template and make a summer-themed layout with it. A real challenge for me because I have a hard time making 2-pg spreads. I kept the embellishing to a minimum. The day I went down to the beach at Lakeside Park I took about 200 photos, so it was hard to narrow it down to 8 pics. I could do a whole album just about our famous carousel and another for the lighthouses, lol.

Credits (combined for both sides of the 2-pager)
Papers: 'Paper Poetry 1' (Design by Adrianka)
Template: 'I Love Her Mat' 24x12 Templates (Design by Adrianka)
Embellishments: from 'Beachcomb' (Seatrout Scraps),
'Summertime Beach and Sea' (Pixelily Designs),
'Midway Wordbits' (Keystone Scraps)
All photos taken by me here in our hometown.

PS: Thanks to Trina (the Queen of 2 pagers) for telling me how to add an image to my description.