August Mix It Up Challenge hosted by Becky

This actually looks much better as a full 12-inch X 12-inch print size image. The pics are a bit tiny for 600x600, lol. Loved the challenge of making it though.

Credits for the Numbers (6, 16, 2, 5):

6 text words
'Still only five cents a ride'

16 photos
all by me of our local 100+ year old carousel

2 elements
- the carousel wordbit from 'Midway Wordbits' (Keystone Scraps)
- and just a section of the carousel horse from the carousel element in 'Midway' (Wendy Tunison Designs)

5 papers (4 of them have been chopped into chunks, and slightly re-colored), all from 'Midway' (Wendy Tunison Designs)
- tan background
- black and tan spiral burst
- aqua
- yellow
- red

Template freebie: 'Too Many Pictures' (Nibbles Skribbles)