Credits: Everyday Life by Katie Creates, additional elements from You Keep Me In Stitches by Blue Heart Scraps


Project 365; what a great idea. It started a few years back as one photograph each day for a year and variations have developed since then. Project 52 with a weekly set of photos not necessarily one every day or monthly pages featuring particular events. Guess that will be a project 12. They are all great “year at a glance” ideas.

I tried project 365 with Patch 365 our first married year in 2009. I got most of the photos and journaling done but I kinda got bored with the layouts. In 2010 I tried Java 365, a coffee related photograph for every day. I even did the weekly layouts up until about the end of April. But I got bored with that idea too. I skipped the entire idea in 2011 but in 2012 I tried a few lines of journaling for every day of the year. Journal 365 was successful and I finished it; all the layouts and everything.

For 2013 my great idea, and I really thought it was a great idea, was 52 topix. I would do a one or two page layout for a different predetermined topic every week. It seems I lost interest in that too. Why?

What has been successful is spontaneity. To keep up with an idea all year long I need there to be something new and something not structured every day. So the complete 2013 I’m trying new ideas. My August idea is “inspirational OPs.” ** That’s something that inspires me or just catches my mood every day.

It’spart of preplanning for next year. The working name is “Random 2014” because it’s the random things that make life interesting.

August 1-12 brings me to the end of 2012’s week 32.

**OPs is "Other People's" as in inspiring graphics and photos from others. It's a play on an old record by Bob Seger, "Smoking OPs" which was a whole album of covers of old hits my other musicians.