Yes, I know what kind of over permissive parents host a “kegger” for an 8-year-old’s birthday party, right? Ah, but for us our 8-year-old is 40-something in human years!

This layout was inspired by a video Mr. Nani showed me about what cats dream. This is my interpretation of what catnip does to a kitty’s mind!

Credits: Slow and Easy by Pixels by Jen, song lyric line from Take Care by Drake with Rihanna (Third line altered from “can’t deny that I want you”)


As stressed it as Kaline has been with the new kitten in her house we let her roll around in a spoon of quality catnip for her birthday.

“It’s my birthday;
I’ll get high if I want to
Can’t say that I like kittens
But I’ll lie if I have to…”