I think the layout is pretty self explanatory, but I'll add a bit more info. Dillon LOVES his stuffed toy bunny. He received this particular one on his 1st birthday in 2001. (He had gone through 3 previous bunnies as a puppy). But he never wrecked this one and he has played with it every day for the last 12 1/2 years. Well these days it's not so much 'playing with' as 'napping with'. However, the bunny would get dirty (he'd drag it around outside too), so once in awhile I had to wash it. Oh the drama! I'd hang it on the line outside so it would smell nice and fresh and Dillon would stare at it, and do his, 'Woo, woo, woo' bark, and pace back and forth. He wasn't happy until it was dry and I gave it back to him lol.

All Wendy Tunison Designs kits.
The green patterned paper and stitching are from 'Simply Green'
The clothesline line is from 'Little Man' (Wendy Tunison Designs)
The bubbles and flourish are from 'The Pursuit of Happiness'
Everything else is from 'Everybody Talks'
Oh, except the Tide bottle. I extracted that.
Fonts: Cake! and Veteran Typewriter.