Journaling reads: It is such an amazing sight to see, all the salmon - now red color, coming back to their birth place to spawn new eggs! Even though this year is not the big year...that happens in 2014 or every 4 years, the Adams River near where we were camping was still full of these red fish fighting to stay alive until they had finished life's process. Shortly after spawning, they die...and many dead fish can be seen littering the shore. But this provides nutrients to the stream, feeds the bears, and many other animals. And yes, we saw a black bear near there!
Below we have a picture of 2 female salmon with a hovering humped back male ready to spray his milt once the eggs are laid. You will often see fights between the males as they fight for the females too. In the spring, the eggs will hatch and the alevins will emerge and start their journey toward the Pacific Ocean. Sept 2013
(This river is in the central interior of British Columbia, Canada)

Credit: {Hues} Perfectly Pumpkin by Connie Prince