Journaling Reads:

I loath spiders!  I've literally been trapped in my bathroom because there was a spider over the door!  Well years ago I was the only one home for many months.  I hardly ever went into the back yard ond didn't have to throw much trash away.  On one fateful day I was hit with a living nightmare.  There had been a black widow who had decided to make it's home on our back door screen and a coworker convinced me that I had to kill it or it would cause an infestation!!  I went into the backyard determined to kill this spider and could not find it on the screen any longer.  But what I found was MUCH worse!  There were black widows EVERYwhere!  They were on the patio table, they were coming out from under the side of the house, they were on the walkway!  Amazingly I worked up enough courage to kill them all with a whole can of RAID.  I somehow held the camera steady enough to get photographic evidence that these were the largest black widows ever seen - no one would believe me!  Later that day I even found they were nesting in our garbage cans.  I still have nightmares of that aweful day!