Credits: Project 2013 October by Connie Prince, challenge brush by Seatrout Scraps 


Parmenters Cider Mill in Northville has been a fall staple as long as I can remember.  When I was little, it’s the place Mums got a jug of cider when I visited. When we moved to Northville when I was 10 it became a family stop or a school field trip to see how apple cider is made.  As an adult it was someplace to stop with friends to pick up cider and donuts or for a wine tasting at the winery that was later added to the mill.  It was also someplace I took Rina and Tori at the end of a play day for cider and a little more playing on their playground equipment.

Now I’m not living a 5-minute drive from the cider mill and it’s not a quick stop after my afternoon walk at the state park.  That makes it an even bigger deal when we’re in the area and stop.  This was a brisk day near closing time and the usual Saturday line wasn’t winding around the parking lot anymore, so I got to stop for some donuts ad cider and still enjoy the wonderful colors and classic ambiance that have always painted Northville in the fall.