Alimento d’anima Italiano is “Italian food for the soul;” Italian Soul Food. When I tell my dad, who was imported to the US when he was 13, that I want a traditional family meal, he’s more than happy to oblige!

Credits: Country Kitchen by Wendy Tunison Designs


Kelly was visiting for most of the week while David was on his October vacation.  One of the things on Kelly’s “must do” list was to visit her “other dad.”  Of course I thought it was a great idea and called Pop to see if it was okay to “invite ourselves” over for dinner. 

His response to whether or not it was okay is that it’s always okay and what would we like him to prepare?  I hadn’t had a good old Italian piada night in a long while and he said he had the stuff to make the piada and cooked greens but asked me to atop at my Italian store for the traditional meats on our way there.

We stopped at Sofo and got capicola, mortadella, peppered ham and I got some asiago for me. Since Pop was getting Swiss chard to make the greens, he got extra and made cuscione so Kelly could try something new too.  It was a fun get-together and an awesome meal of Italian Soul Food.