I used: Chill In The Air Monthly Mix


I’ve researched the Alaskan Malamute for over 9 years. My love for this breed started many moons ago and has been close to my heart since. We’ve lived in apartments since the kids were born and having one was never an option. But that didn’t stop my love and passion for the breed. I’d find and read everything I could online and in books every chance I got, because I knew one day, just one day I’d have one of my own. When we found out we were approved for our home loan, my dream became a little closer. After we moved in we found a great breeder who had recently had puppies, but the price was out of our range after putting our savings into our new home. We decided sadly, we’d have to wait. But to my surprise the breeder liked us so much and knew we’d make the perfect fur-ever home, that she is agreeing to accept payments. It was like “magic” that I now can call the breed I love and have dreamt about all my own. A little Malamute Magic from God above.