Unconditional from Connie Prince and I'm Every Woman template from Connie Prince

journaling:   When I think of the one “person” who has been there for me through everything, it is of course Pandi Jo. Pandi Jo was a Christmas gift when I was 6 years old. From that point on, she has been my companion. When I was hurting or when I was tired as a kid, she was there. When I was in high school hurting because of a friend or a boy, she was there. When I was seriously homesick and missing my family while I was at college, she was there. For a while, she slept somewhere other than my bed (you know, because someone else was there), but she was still there for me. When Cainan and I split up and I was hurting more than I had ever hurt before, Pandi Jo was still there. Yes, I was 30 years old, but she was still there. I have no ideas how many of my tears she has caught in the last 26 years, but I know it is a lot. I love her so much, I cannot make myself give her to the kids....even if having a stuffed animal that is your’s at the age of 32 is a little strange. She will forever be mine and be my rock. I just feel happy when I have Pandi Jo in my arms. Unconditional love and friendship.