Credits: Scraptastic Gingerbread Ladies Collab and The Storyteller by Pixelily Designs 


A great challenge for me is to choose one “thing” that is most precious to me above all, one thing that is the magic of my life; It’s just not possible. There are many things I have that are special to me because I have special memories of special people attached to them. So I really have to say that my memories are most precious things I have.  

My journals and scrapbooks would therefore be my most prized possessions. They are the records of my cherished memories and the most cherished people in my world. My personal journals are where I have recorded my thoughts and opinions and recalled my greatest joys and trials. My scrapbooks capture my creativity and color record of those people, events and some of the quirky sides of my personality.

The most precious thing in my world is the essence of who I am and the people who make that essence important to me. My tangible treasures are the ways I keep and hold my precious memories. They hold the magic that makes “ME.”