Kits used: Cathy K Designs - GS BDay FB Hop,Chere Kaye Designs - Oh Happy Day, Wendy Tunison Designs - Birthday Bash, Connie Prince - FB Bday Hop, Keystone Scraps - This is Me

Journaling reads: "Being a teenager is rough. For me that was amplified. When I was 15, a lot of my world changed. My mother filed for divorce. My dad had a heart attack, physically and emotionally. My mother immediately had a new boyfriend, and started drinking heavily. I got a job to keep the lights on at mine and my dads house. Somewhere amidst this, I found out that he may not be my bioligical father. That didn't change our close relationship. That year for Christmas, my mother couldn't afford much in the way of gifts but she bought me this heavy Zebra striped blanket. Here it is 13 years later, and this is still the only blanket I will sleep with. This blanket took me from the hardships of being a teen, threw college in a town 6 hours away from home, and then home again. This blanket has snuggled me when I was hurt, sad, sick, or happily dreaming. When it was time to share it with my husband, I tried, but eventually made him find his own blanket, haha. It has been a soft and snuggly comfort to all 5 of my children, and continues to be my favorite blanket. The sleep and comfort we get from it is simply "Magical".