My Mother's first doll.  Journaling reads:

(top right)  This little sweetheart is a baby doll that my Nana gave my Mother for her 5th Biirthday.   She has a soft body with china head and hands. My Mom used to keep this in her hope chest and as a child I would beg her to get it out for me. 50 years later,  they downsized and Mom gave her to me.  She’s over 80 years old now and she needs ironing and repair but I’m afraid to do anything and take a chance on damaging  her. She’s beautiful to me!       

(bottom left) As old as she is, the eyes still open and close depending on whether or not her head is raised.  My Nana made the clothes and one of my favorite things is the button holes in the back of the dress.  They are hand made and they are so tiny it’s hard to imagine them with today’s auto button-holers on our sewing machines.  Under the dress is another dress with gorgeous hand made lace edges.  Both dresses are yellowed and wrinkled but I love them as they are.

Tri-frame from Connie Prince's Sweeter than Sweet (reolored). All other elements and papers from Connie Prince's Unconditional and Trixie Scraps' Prima Ballerina.  Template is Aprilisa's Picture Perfect 53.