Journaling Reads --When I thought about the question, What item do you have in your life that is precious to you?  My first thought was my family and my children because they are precious to me.  So I thought about what photos to use.    Then I remembered something that would be irreplaceable and thought I should scrap that story.  You see my father in law passed away in 2009 and left a hole in my heart.   Before he passed away he was always finding me pieces of glass at thrift stores I cherish those pieces of glass.  I knew when he passed away I would miss him and miss the things he found me.  At Christmas in 2009, 5 days after he passed away, we gathered with my mother in law to try to have some kind of Christmas for my children.  She handed me a gift and said “Monica before you open it you need to know that this is the last thing Dad bought you before he went in the hospital.  I broke down crying when I saw this beautiful glass bowl. I knew it would be the one item that reminded me of him on a daily basis.  Before he passed away he had joked with me that he needed to find me another cabinet for my glass since he bought me so much of it.  He searched for one but did not find one he liked.  Three months after he passed we found one in the paper.  My mother in law went and looked at it and said it was what Dad was looking for.  I went to see it and fell in love with it.  The lady sold it to me cheaper than what she was asking for it.  She said she felt like it was suppose to go to me.  Every time I see the cabinet I stop and say ”Thanks Dad” because I know he helped us find it.  So these two things are very precious to me. I would not ever sell them because they remind me of someone who cant be with us anymore!

Made using *School Blues Kit and School Blues Extra Papers* By Connie Prince