For this Oz week 2 challenge layout, I chose my sheep collection as something special and magical to me. The kit I used is By Fairest Blood from Wendy Tunison Designs. You can find it here at Gingerscraps: and

The black sheep is recolored (originally white) and comes from the Silent Night collection, also by Wendy Tunison Designs.

The template used is from Ponytail Designs, A Stitch in Time. It is modified so that the stitch is to the left, instead of center. Find it here at Gingerscraps:

Journaling reads: Life isn’t very fair sometimes, for some less so than others. I’ll never understand why that is, Aunt Alice, or what makes it so. I don’t think you got a fair deal on life, and I think it ended much too soon. I didn’t know you for long, honestly, just four short years, but we had so many things in common, I wish you didn’t have to go. I wasn’t part of the family when the cancer came the first time, but I was there when it returned and it broke my heart. To have suffered as much as you had in life, it just didn’t seem fair. When Paul fell, I hoped so badly that you’d see him through it, that he’d wake before you were gone. You died on my 30th birthday, which I’ll never forget. Paul was awake then, and in retrospect, you were spared some of the worst of it; for that I am grateful. On our last visit, you tried to get me to take some of your things, something that made me feel awkward. You just wanted to know that the things you had collected and cherished all those years would be valued and loved by somebody else, I know that, yet it felt strange to be taking your things. The boys gave me your sheep collection. Do you remember when I made you that sheep for your birthday? I didn’t even know that you had a sheep collection then, I just wanted to make it for you. It’s sitting on my fireplace mantle now, along with all the others you collected, plus some of my own. I can tell that many of them are handmade, and I wish I knew where you got them all. Did you make some of them too? One of these days I’ll get Andy to build me a shelf so that I can display the collection better, and add to it over the years. The spinning wheel you kept in your basement is there too, next to the fireplace along with wool that I’ve collected. Someday I will learn how to use it. On cold winter nights, Andy sometimes builds a fire in the fireplace and we sit together on our couch in front of the spinning wheel and the sheep collection. It always makes me smile and I remember you.

Font: Janda as long as you love me