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Journaling read: Dominik and me married 2 times, first time on 08/18/1994 only at the register office, but sealed with first rings. After the birth of our youngest daughter and sailing round the first cliffs of life, we did it again: in march 2001 we wed church-related with new rings. These rings are the visual sign of our magical love and we wore them everyday and everywhere. But than I have started to work at a medical laundry where it is forbidden to wear any jewels. I always felt nude! But on our 19th wedding day we took a decision. We are sure that our love is magical, magical enough to be an everlasting love story. And so we went to our favorite tatoo-studio with an own blueprint of our personal eternal bands, where I include our initials and the initials of our children. Now we wear a sign of our magical &eternal love