Roman was an amazing dog. He crossed the bridge way before his time, several days after his third birthday. But we celebrate his life, as short as it was, for all the good he brought us.

Ginger had a torn ACL. We decided against surgery, because we knew it would be very difficult for her. But Roman rehabilitated her, getting her to play and run with his gentle persistence. After a few months, Ginger could walk and even run without limping.

Then there was Nikki, a beautiful husky we fostered. She had social issues with other dogs. But Roman’s insistent solicitations for play and friendship won her over eventually, allowing us to give her a loving home and a place in our pack.

Roman was also my personal therapy dog. He was allowed to visit during my hospital stays, bringing his irrepressible joy and sweetness to me and other patients. And on returning home, he calmed the other dogs as well. It was as if he told them somehow that I was all right, and would come home soon.

Roman’s death came all too suddenly. I had recently come home from the hospital, and Roman and Chandler, my “Red Boys”, would spend the days with me while Joe was at work. They were both well behaved, somehow sensing my frailty.

Joe returned home from work, and the Red Boys greeted him with their usual joy. They went to the basement to be let out. I will never forget Roman’s piercing cry, and the panicked yell from Joe to call the vet.

The vet thinks it was probably an aneurism. Though we got him to the clinic quickly, and the vet tried valiantly to revive him, Roman was gone, having died within moments of that terrible howl.

Roman left a void in our lives. None can replace his gentle nature, his special brand of joyous magic. He has left pawprints on our hearts.

Now and again Roman reaches out a paw, to touch, to comfort. He was truly a dog among dogs, and I know he is over the bridge now with our other beloved pets that passed before him. He plays with that same gentle persistence, that joy that will not be denied. He keeps them all together until we are all united once again.

Run free, Roman. Dance in joy and love, until you can greet us again.

                             02-08-2006 to 02-12-2009

Credits:  All credits to Designs by Connie Prince

Shake It Up Vol 2, Temp 3 from Designs by Connie Prince

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