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Years ago my Mom told me, when my son had broken something and I was angry, that things don’t matter but people do.  I think this has impacted my life to the point that at this point in time I really can’t think of anything that I have that is “magical” or “precious”.  I am truly thankful for all my blessings but I try to not hold too tight,  My truly precious things are my husband and my family.  His hand is just a symbol of all he has done all his life to give not only our family, but his Mom and my widowed Mom a safe, stable, and happy life.  My life has been so good because of him.




These photos were taken from a massage class offered through the recreation department.  Rich agreed to take the class with me so we could learn the techniques to teach our son and his wife.  The teacher is a spa owner and massage therapist.  Week four was on hand massage.  The teacher held this session at her spa and had us do a hand wax befor learning the massage techniques.  We had to put lotion on our hands, dip them in the wax, put on a plastic wrap and then the fabric mitts.  It was fun.  The teacher showed us how to remove the wax.




I had my camera so I was taking pictures of the evening.  The teacher thought that would be a good idea to put in the rec dept flyer next year.  When it came time for Rich to pull the wax off of me, someone in the class said to take a silly picture.  The teacher snapped the bottom photo as we hammed it up.  This is the 7th year the teacher has taught this class but it is the first year she has held some sessions at her spa.  She said she thinks she will continue to do that from now on.


October 15, 2013