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There is a magical monkey that lives in our house named Georgie.  He has lived with us since Alex was born.  He started as an ordinary monkey, hanging out on a shelf behind her rocking chair, but then one afternoon as I was trying to rock her to sleep, she reached out for something behind me and after trying many toys, Georgie was the one she wanted.  She was 7 months old.  I noticed how she really liked him and one day when she was unhappy waiting for her dinner in her high chair, I brought out Georgie and played with him for her.  I had him sing and dance and then flop over and go "Ker-plunk."  She laughed and laughed, EVERY time!  That's when we started realizing he was no ordinary monkey.  So, I stuck him in the diaper bag and brought him along on errands in case she was fussy, maybe Georgie would make her happy.  Yep, he sure did, he quickly became her go-to lovey item and that's when we knew he was magical.  Georgie could always make her smile and comfort her.  We quickly went to the store where he was from to buy more…but they were running out, so we bought every one we could find…parents and Nanas on opposite coasts going to every store to find more.  We ended up with about 10.  Georgie has been with us for almost twelve years now and Alex still loves him, still sleeps with him and he still comforts her.  Earlier this year, at eleven years old, Alex went in for a minor surgery and who came along?  Of course, the magical Georgie!  He calmed her nerves, went back into the operating room with her to keep an eye on the doctors while she was asleep and was there loyally waiting for her when she woke up in recovery.  We've lost a few Georgie's over the years and the Nanas have "spares" for just in case. But we still count the Georgies every night at bedtime and every morning when we make her bed to make sure they are all still there, safe and sound.  What would we do without him?  He's part of the family!


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