Journaling reads: 

When our daughter Jenni died in an auto accident at the age of 24, I had a hard time parting with all of her belonging. I wanted to keep her room the way she left it that morning. Her un-made bed, clothes on the floor, just waiting for her to come back home. I wanted to keep the smell of her close to me. That’s when I learned about making a teddy bears made from special articles of clothing or other items that holds a special place in your heart. Something that when you see it, you think of your loved one.

So I took some of her favorite thing that she wore and made a Memory Bear.

This bear comfort me with my grieving by helping me feel close to Jenni. After all these years, I still hold this bear close to my heart for comfort especially on her birthday......

It is truly my,


Magical Bear


I Was Framed by Ponytails Designs (Modified)

Rascal by Keystone Designs 

A Debonair Gentleman by Keystone Scraps

My Baby Got's The Blues by Keystone Scraps (Soon to be Released)