I love unpacking Christmas ornaments because so many of them, like this one, transport me to a different time and place. My time in the Drew School District was very special. I was comfortable with my teaching abilities and had the resources to really get creative and have fun with my students. I had such supportive administrators, many of whom were dear friends and great mentors who encouraged me to finish my Master's degree and go into administration - people like Sandra Evans, Jo McCutcheon, Jim Edwards and Dennis Silas. I worked with some precious kids and many great teachers. The high school was this beautiful old building with such character, set in the middle of a neighborhood, right across the street from Archie Manning's childhood home. So much of who I am as an educator is because of my time spent here, and seeing this ornament just calls to mind all the good times and special people who are part of my life because of the Drew Schools.

I used Simple Girl Scraps kits: Schooled, My Story, Fabulous Fall, It's a Boy Thing, Enjoy the Moment, Cherished Memories.
I also used a template by Connie Prince In Vino Veritas....