Remembering You, White alpha from Sweetened with Gratitude & Just Like Dad Alphabits (retired) by Trixie Scraps

Journaling reads:
My Poppa was very sick the last year before he passed away. At one time when he was hospitalized, Emma and Cadence had picked out this little stuffed bear at the store right before we went to visit him. He kept that bear with him, along with a picture that we had done for Mother's Day for my Gram, and it sat beside his bed no matter what. I found out I was expecting in March of 2008. Sadly, Poppa passed away on April 25th. I was so glad that I was able to tell him that he was going to have another Great-Grandchild. My Gram knew how happy he was to be a Great-Granpa yet again. She gave me that same bear back, as a gift to the new baby.

The bear came with us to the hospital and was one of the first things that Brody touched. It stayed with him everywhere he went.

While Brody was a baby, we would always hear him "talking" over the monitor, and when we would go in the room to get him, he would be staring at the bear and would always be so happy. He has slept with that bear every single night since his birth. Even today at almost 5 years old, he needs that bear to go to sleep. He has always had such a special bond with it.

That bear means so much to him, that if someone tries to play with it, he gets really upset and must put him away so he doesn't get hurt. Brody loves his Poppa Bear.