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Would it be my wedding rings, my sewing machine, my new watch; all gifts from my husband? My jewelry from my dad? Music from my growing up years? But none of these has moved me as much as my grandmother's recipes; with many of them written in her own handwriting with her notes.

The family all enjoyed her lemon chicken, watergate salad and corned beef hash. But most of all we loved her jook. It's a chinese rice broth soup, sometimes with chicken or turkey. She started the tradition of serving it on New Year's Eve. After midnight and popping our fireworks, we would come in from the cold to a nice bowl of hot jook. We would dress it up with green onions, pickled cabbage and shoyu to our liking. Then sit down with our cousins to chat about the new year. What a treat!

Since I lived on the mainland and wanted to be able to make the soup, my grandmother gave me her recipe. The recipe is pictured.

We soon started to have jook on Christmas Eve. When my grandmother wasn't able to make the jook, my mother took over the task. She started using the same pot; cooked it over 8 hours, stirring every 1/2 hours.

The aroma of a bowl of hot steamy jook always brings me back to the simpler times, when we tried to stay up late to see Santa or the Easter bunny; when the whole world was right here in our house.

Grandmother's pot is in the photo with my Mom.