For the week two challenge. This one was a hard one. I'm not a real journal person so this was a huge challenge.

Journal read:
Mom moved to Florida after Dad died three years ago. She was a widow after 70 years of marriage. She doesn't drive so I'm the errand person for her. At Christmas a few years ago she wanted to give me something special. She had been a postmaster before her retirement 30 years ago. She had a stamp collection and Dad had gotten her the "Love" stamp pin. Mom decided to pass it on to me as part of my Christmas gift. She is famous for writing little notes and sticking them on or in objects for us to "find after she's gone". She keeps telling me I have to read the notes. She either puts a little saying on it or just lets us know where and how she got the item. It's amazing how she remember and keeps up with her notes. It's always fun to see where something came from and to know the story behind the item.
When she gave me the pin she had written on the note how much she appreciated all I and the family had done for her. She acknowledged she was alive due to all our help. Truly she would have not survived in Connecticut all alone. She told me in the note that the pin was from her collection and she wanted me to pin it onto something to remind me of her. I have a stuffed bear collection. I found just the right bear to pin it on. The bear is getting a hug from his rabbit friend and on the wooden heart it says "Some bunny loves you". I thought it was the perfect spot for my special pin. It sits in my living room and every time I see it, I do think of Mom. I'm sure it will be even more special to me once she is gone. Right now we are fortunate to still have her physically in our lives at the age of 92. Love you Mom. I will always treasure my pin and think of you.

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