A Love Like This by Pixelily Designs

It's a commitment ring. It's a mother's ring. It's a family ring. It's all three and more, and it's magic.
When Illinois legalized civil unions in 2011, we decided to have another ceremony and "get married again". But we have wedding rings, so I thought it would be nice to instead exchange rings that represent our family. We found this style on line and fell in love with them. We were able to put the names of our children, ourselves, and the birthstones for all of us onto them. There isn't a day that goes by now that I don't wear this ring. It represents so much. It represents our love. It represents Maggie and Cooper. It represents our legally recognized relationship. These are all such powerful things represented in such a small piece of metal. I can be having such a bad day but I will look down at my and and see love, the smile of the kids, you. I see it all. And a smile comes to my face as I think about the life we have built together and continue to each day. It reminds me that I am truly blessed in this life and it reminds me of what matters most. And that's truly a magical gift I get each time I look.