Most of my life I took for granted the ones that I love and the time that I spent with them. There would always be another day to visit, to share an adventure or to have that phone call. That all changed for a little bit after my brother and Mum passed away 11 months from each other. I couldn't just pick up the phone and call my mum, I couldn't take her out to dinner or to a movie or share any more adventures with. Then, life got busy again with 5 little kids to raise and my days were filled with all their individual needs. I didn't have time again. I didn't take that time to sit and color or read a book everyday or just sit on the porch and watch them play in the yard. I was too busy taking care of all their everyday needs, like washing clothes, cleaning rooms and fixing all the things that were broken from toddler hands that day. Then they started to become teenagers. Once again life was filled with running them to each event, party, practice or game. I didn't stop and take the time that I could have taken to just be with them for no other reason than to just be,
Now, they are almost all gone, they live their own busy lives, they run to their events and are always so busy. Each year at Christmas time or my birthday my kids always ask me "What do you want for your present?" My answer is always the same...TIME...spend time with me that day.

The most MAGICAL thing in my life is TIME, I never have enough TIME with those I love.

The photo that I used was one that I took while on a day trip through Yellowstone. We were in a hurry, and I snapped the photo of the Tetons for one last photo while we were driving. I took it through the window. Because of the speed of the car and angle of the camera the picture looked like a "fast streak of time" and I thought it showed the theme of my layout that Time Flies and there is never enough.

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