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Journaling Reads:
There's something about music. I love how it can change a mood and bring such a wide range of emotions out of you. We have music playing a lot--in the house, in the cars, and even outside. I have so many great memories of dancing with my kids and hearing them sing--both made up songs and real ones. Jaren is a pretty serious dancer but he cuts loose when he doesn't thing you're watching;) and knows the lyrics to songs I'm not sure I'm ready for him to know;) Bubba constantly yells at you to watch his lastest moves and long ago became known for doing "the robot." He melted my heart when he asked me to dance with him close. Sissy loves to try and keep up with the boys and does spin moves and yells at the top of her lungs--whether she knows the words or not-LOL! She and I take turns singing on our walks and she never complains about me being off key.:) Bria puts her hands up and tries to snap like Mama and stomps her foot to show she can dance, too!I just love that something as simple as a song can bring us all together and make my kids so happy! Dad is usually the one with the "cool" songs and likes to blast the volume as high as I can take it! Music has brought me to tears, made me laugh, helped me hear God, and taught me to listen better. I love the lyrics that say, "Make me your radio--turn me up when you feel low," because that sums it up for me--music makes me happy--unless I'm crying!;) Pictures taken November 2012-August 2013