What is magical to you? What is important to your life? When asked this my
mind went crazy! Of course my family is my world! My love for my husband, five 
children, my two children in law and my four grandchildren is unconditional 
and my everything. But then I thought more about physical things. My Bible 
came to mind as I try to lead my life by His word and walk the Christian walk. I 
also thought about my teddy bear that I have had since I was twenty-two days
old. I potty trained that bear, took care of him when he was sick, he was my first
love. My mind then went to the magic of modern medicine, the insulin, pump 
and meter that keep my youngest child alive and healthy, you can’t get much 
more magical than that!! Then I thought about my camera that allows me to 
photographs all of these memories for future generations to enjoy. But most of all, I think my electronic devices are my most magical things, My computer, iPhone and iPad allow me to share my life with my family and friends. They allow me to be close to my Aunts and Cousins that I had all but lost touch with. It has alowed me to reconnect with classmates that graduated with me 30 years ago. It allows me to scrap our life so that we may share it for many generations to come. They are the magic of modern technology!

Credits: Turn Turn Turn by Chere Kaye Designs and Leaves - Volume 3 (CU Ok) by Connie Prince