Fonts: 1942 report, DJB Squirrel in my Pants
Perfectly Pumpkin by Connie Prince - Orange Flower
Falling by Connie Prince - Wood frame, lace trim, doily, beads, rub on, all papers: one paper recolored navy.
Live for Today by Connie Prince - Heart charm, blue flowers.
Sew Crafty by Connie Prince - Straight pin
Country Roads by Connie Prince - Denim Stitched Alpha, stitched denim heart
A Magical Place by Connie Prince - Loose Stitches
Good Night - GingerScraps Collab - corner stitches

Journaling reads: My Daddy Wore Blue Jeans
He was a farmer who believed in hard work, you get what you work for, and God. He taught us honesty, integrity, how to plan ahead, that the glass was half full, how to succeed, and what to do when we fail. (Get up, dust yourself off, figure out what you did wrong, smile, and try again.) He loved his family and I know he loved me. He wore blue jeans. I wore his blue jeans as a teenager on the farm, because at that time girls only wore slacks. His were comfortable, sturdy, gently worn and it was something only I shared with him. He passed away of cancer at age 63. My mom gathered all his jeans together and with love, made the pieces into this jean quilt for me with a red flannel lining. I cried when I received this most precious gift that Christmas. Now whenever I need to feel his love and strength, I wrap myself in Daddy's Blue Jeans.

TFL! That's a pic of my Daddy and I (~ 3 months old) and of my mom with the quilt she made me. Smile