Kit Used: Scraptastic by Gingerbread Ladies Collab
Template Used: Across The Line by Blue Heart Scraps

My most precious treasures have to be my scrapbook albums. Yes I have lots of other treasures like my first teddy bear, the necklace my mother gave me before she passed, a poem written in my grandmothers handwriting and my christening dress. All worthy to be picked but above all these must come my scrapbooks - why? These albums contain each and every memory that I have been able to put on paper. I fear that one day like my grandfather I may get dementia, the one devastating thing that can take everything I know or have done. How will I remember the look on my nieces face when she saw her first swing set? How will I remember that for the last few years my most favourite place to eat is Sushi Central? How will I remember the silly things I got up to with friends even when we were old enough to be more sensible? How will I remember the challenges that were thrown my way and how, even with little steps, I overcame them? How will I remember my family? Through my scrapbook albums is how. They hold all my very precious memories - therefore they are my most treasured possessions.