"Believe In Your Dreams" by North Meets South Studios

"Crisp Autumn" by Ponytails Designs

Journaling reads:

My computer is probably the most important “thing” in my life, because it’s my gateway to a world where I can be my creative best.  With my computer I can connect to a place where people get me... or at least the scrapping part of me.  It’s also my outlet for creative expression.  I can design kits and templates, which are used ultimately to preserve my family’s memories.  As far as possessions go, it’s pretty incredible.  Not only does it hold my photos and pages, but I can use it to connect with the many wonderful people I have met within the scrapbooking community, and if I’m lucky, I can make a little extra money too!  What could be better?

When I bought my computer I chose the ruby red colour first because red is my favorite colour, and second because I wanted to be reminded of the magic in Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  With a few clicks of my ruby red mouse, I can be transported to new places, meet interesting new people, and follow my dreams.  What could be more magical than that?