I used Whoo Loves You by Blue Heart Scraps.

Journaling reads...

When I was faced with the task of scrapping an item that was special to me, this little guy flew to the front of my mind.  He's only about six inches tall, but he holds big memories for me.  

He was always at my Grandma Faye's side.  She often had him clipped to her wheelchair, oxygen tank, or IV pole.  I remember playing with him when I was young.  I loved how his legs were all floppy and his feet would swing around.  

He came to watch over me instead when she passed away in 1987.  He hung from the gearshift of my first car.  He hung from my desk lamp in college.  He now hangs from the side of my monitor.The SP emblem on his cape faded long ago, but I don't think his power ever will.