Chere Kaye's Turn Turn Turn Bundle  (with papers clipped to the Edgers and word tag recolored)

Brush work/mask beyond the kit: Basic PSE default brushes
Title Font: Lavanderia
Journaling: I extracted my handwriting

Journaling: There is something magical and beautiful about lacing them up, adjusting your toes inside the box and feeling your entire body stand taller and align just perfectly to balance yourself atop a tiny rectangle of fabric and glue. I’ve been keeping these shoes in a Bankers Box on the top shelf of my closet. I think they’ve come out once or twice to show the kids. I’ve even put them on and DANG I don’t remember them hurting that much. It was nice to open the box and hold the shoes. Breathe in the last remnants of rosin and glue. There is no prettier pink than the soft pink-peach of pointe shoes. I will always treasure my shoes.