Credits: Keystone Scraps – “My Babys Got The Blues” 

Fonts: Base 02 - McGannahan


So many things empower me daily.  My camera to capture all those treasured moments and my computer to turn my crazy creative mind into some sort of reality.  I love how my laptop will temporarily transport me in to the “Web” filled with inspiration, knowledge and connectivity.  Ah, and we must not forget Adobe Photoshop to play with all those captured on film moments.  All these things are a really huge part of who I am.


However, nothing in this world gives me more Power than my soul-mate, my “Rock”...Steve who daily provides me all the strength and support I need to accomplish anything.  It’s really amazing how when I am feeling a little empty...he waves his magic wand andfills me back up with all the love anyone could possibly need.  Sometimes I am not always deserving, but he loves me and all my faults anyway.

Do I love my electronic gadgets?  YES!!  But to make “Real Magic” I only need best friend and the oh so “Love of My Life”.