kit used: Dont Stop Believing by Connie Prince...little blue flower from School Blues kit by Connie Prince

scalloped mat edited from a template out of the Connie Prince pack Hints of Autumn Templates

journaling reads:

As a child growing up, did you often wonder how your parents knew what you were doing even though their backs were to you or they were in a different room? I always did and when I asked, I was told, "The little birdie told me." This must be some kind of magical birdie because he always knew when I was up to no good.  I never saw him spying on me, but you can bet he was always reporting back to my parents and he got me in trouble more times then I care to remember. As I got older, the birdie did not tattle on me as much and then one day I received a gift. This gift was probably one of the most treasured things I could ever receive. I was given the birdcage that served as the home to this magical birdie. I was told that I finally reached the age when the birdie did not need to look after me any longer. Being the age I was, I knew that the birdie did not truly exist, but now that I had his cage it made me wonder. I saved that cage just in case he ever wanted to visit again and the door remianed open for him. I do not know if he ever came back because he was magical afterall and I never could see him. I like to think he did from time to time. Now that I am a mother with a daughter of my own this birdcage sits in her room and when she is old enough she will learn about the magical little birdie that lived in it and how it helped me watch over her. I can't wait for her to ask me, "How did you know?", when she is up to no good so the legend of the little birdie can live on!