I used:

Trixie Scraps - God Gave Me You

Elements -http://store.gingerscraps.net/God-Gave-Me-You-Kit-Elements-Alpha-by-Trixie-Scraps-Designs.html

Papers -http://store.gingerscraps.net/God-Gave-Me-You-Kit-Papers-by-Trixie-Scraps-Designs.html

and also the FB Freebie add-on for God Gave Me You

Journal Says

If only I had.....A million dollars to buy my family all their desires. Or perhaps take our first family vacation ever, to some place warm and tropical. Maybe I'd spend the money to totally redo my house and add on an addition while I'm at it. Of course we could buy a bigger car or a 2nd car since right now we only have one. The Great and Powerful Oz could certainly give me a brain, some courage, a heart and even get me back home. He could grant me happiness beyond my wildest dreams. But in the end they all find out that what they thought they were searching for, was actually what they already had all along. So while money could buy me and my family lots of things. All the things that truly matter are already mine to cherish!