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Journaling reads:

Living paycheck to paycheck can be very stressful.  Every time we turn around more unexpected bills keep popping up.  Our credit card is again maxed and we have medical bills that we are now paying month to month because insurance refused to pay them.  Now that summer is over, I’m working again but it still doesn’t quite cover all our expenses.  My only hope is to win the lottery.  But, of course, the saying is “You Need To Be In It To Win It.”  In New Jersey they have Win $1,000 a Week for Life scratch offs.  I’ve been playing them hoping to win.  Today, I only won $2.  It would be really nice to have $4,000 for the month extra. I would be able to pay off our credit debit and medical bills.  I wouldn’t have to worry about retirement or social security any more.  Right now we have no savings so our future is not very promising.  At the rate we are going we may have to live in a cardboard box when we become seniors.

In the meantime I will keep calm and pray that God will provide money.