Wendy Tunison - Cowgirl Chic

Journaling Reads:

We could go where we wanted
Out with Papa, undaunted
No need to squabble or fuss
Zane wouldn't have to share with Dad
He wouldn't be squished a tad
If we only had a bus

Everyone would fit the same
On the way, to the ball game
No one would be a gloomy gus
We could give a friend a lift
No need to switch and shift
If we only had a bus

We could roam around
Just think where we could go
We could see a movie or a show
And then we'd drive, to and fro

We could drive around for hours
Go see the trees, and flowers
Without a lot of fuss
Road trips would be so fun 
We'd always be on the run
If we only had a bus...