Journaling says -- no matter how many one more things I have, they will never fill the hole you left.  Nothing or no one can ever take your place.  I am blessed that I had the chance to have the most amazing father in law on the planet.  I miss you so much and some days I wish I could tell you one of the things the children have done and I pick up the phone to call you and I realize you wont answer.  Thank you for showing me love and calling me your daughter!  If I could say one more thing to you I would say I love you Dad!


Little journaling says -- one more day, hour, smile, song, hug, minute, prayer, car ride, I love you, laugh, family vaction, dinner, photo, phone call, sermon, memory, time watching you with my babies, chance to hear you call me daughter, dance, pat on the back and good job

Made using *Dear Dad* By Connie Prince