these fotos of my mother were taken a few months before she lost the battle at age 49

If i only had.. my mom back.. for one more day, she would be happy to see that I am with the same young man she met (and loved like her own son) so long ago. She would be so proud to see we went on to have successful careers and also see that we had 2 more children in addition to her 1st grandbaby(that she adored). If I only had my mom back...I could see the joy on her face when she dressed her grand daughters for their proms and weddings.I would so love seeing her spoil her 7 great grandchildren rotten(including a set of twin girls!).she would see that I inherited her crazy love of animals...and that I annoy my kids the way she did me..  If i had my mom back...I would tell her how I cried so often by myself with the trials that raising children can bring. That I could have used her advice and comfort that only a mother could give. My heartaches would have been easier in her arms. If only I had my "Mami" back for one more day ..I could hear that laugh again(which back then I thought was loud and boisterous) and it would be like music to me now .... written 10/30/13


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GS March Monthly mix What Makes a Family

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