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If I only had a cause, I’d share it. 

Since my MS diagnosis, by way of wanting to be my own advocate and live the best I can with this incurable disease, I’ve met a lot of other people who have it.  Multiple Sclerosis is a special condition in that it treats every person it afflicts in a way especially for them.  The only thing we all have in common is that the myelin covering and protecting the nerves in our brains and spines is damaged.  Even that myelin damage is in different places that MS chooses just for each person.  Yes, those are challenges that could have Murphy shaking in his boots.  The only reason that “Murphy’s laws” get more credit for the chaotic unpredictability he injects into people’s lives is that MS has a more selective clientele; about 1% of the world’s population.  That’s right, I’m that special.

If I took a funicular to the top of a mountain or motored my powerchair down a yellow brick road to an all-powerful source of wisdom or magic I’d ask about the cause of MS.  I’d at least ask for a reason. If I only had a reason that our select group gets MS or a reason for some of the symptoms, I could bring that to the doctors and researchers to help their work on a cure.  That’s a hang-up of mine.  Everyone wants a cure, but without knowing  the cause, how can a cure be permanent? 

There are so many symptoms from the most common ones like exhausting fatigue and debilitating numbness in the hands and feet to the more progressive ones like the inability to walk or swallow.  There are more and different sets of them affect each person to a different degree.  “Oh great wizard,” just tell us why it happens.  If the science guys knew the cause they could work better to make it stop.  If we could all understand the reasons, we could deal with the symptoms better.

Right now that’s what I want; a big piece of information so we can take a giant step forward together instead of taking little steps backwards alone as the disease progresses.


If we only had a reason - If we only had a cure - If we only had a hope